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Sunshine and The Power of Words

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“Tamara S. Graham gives our mind a reason to accept what our heart already knows... love is the great healer of life. The power to love ourselves -- like a caterpillar into a butterfly -- lives within each of us. Sunshine and The Power of Words is a ‘must’ for every child and school library. It's beautiful and real, inspiring and compassionate. This book awakens and teaches tools and strategies for self-esteem and confidence. Lessons for a lifetime. Enjoy and keep shining bright!” 

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“Tamara S. Graham has written a book that touches the heart and beautifully captures the healing power of connection between a child and loving adult. After a difficult day, Sunshine’s grandmother lovingly accepts and embraces her feelings which allows her pain to be transformed into power. This book delights the reader’s senses as Grandma uses her calm, compassionate wisdom to help Sunshine access her inner strength. Children will grow from this book and adults will be reminded that their loving presence is a true gift to a child who is struggling.” 

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~Dr. Darren R. Weissman,
Author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Developer of The LifeLine Technique ® 


~Lauren Bondy, LCSW &

Co-founder of

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— Betsy R., Grandmother

"Thank you so much for your book. It is really beautifully written and the messages are so heartfelt. I will tell my friends about it - many of whom are first time grandparents! I really loved the word rock quilt that you incorporated into the story. Stay well and congratulations!"

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"The girls still love to have bedtime stories read to them and so it was wonderful to read Sunshine to them last night! They absolutely LOVED IT and asked when the other ones are coming out?!  The material and the way you have expressed it is amazing and so well thought of and communicated!!! They enjoyed it to no end... and loved the way it is written! We love the illustrations and the art work!"

— Karla S., Mother

"Thank you so much for sharing your book with us. You obviously understand highly sensitive children and adults. We love the book. I will share it with a family who will use and appreciate it right away. It's too bad that there aren't more people like Grandma in the world. I tell my sensitive, feeling clients that the world needs more people like them. I know it is a gift and a challenge. What a wonderful project!!"

Jane C.,

MA Psychotherapy and Counseling

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"I loved the illustrations. They are bright and wonderful. I want to live in the house that the grandmother lives in. The page with the grandmother waving from the front door- love that scene and the front porch. And the grandmother looks like a grandmother should (wrinkles and all!). She radiates compassion and warmth and love. I'm prejudice being a grandma because I think that is how grandmas should be. So many nice touches in the book. I read it to Edith, who at 2 is really much too young for the content, but she loved the illustrations too, and of course the butterflies." 

— Janet S., Grandmother

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"Hey cousin... I cannot tell you how impressed I am that you actually made your vision come true. It's a lovely book with an important message and beautiful illustrations! I am so proud of you!

What a great accomplishment!"

— Susan F.

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"Hi Sis, we just got your book and I cannot wait to read it to my kids! I am so emotional just looking at your beautiful book! More soon...."

— Destinee Z.

"Sunshine and The Power of Words is beautiful in every way! I’m honored to play a small part and am excited to share the beautiful message it holds. The lessons this book shares are ever so evident for our children - and inner child - for the world today. Please share this gift of a lifetime...a gift of a loving future. Infinite Love & Gratitude!"

Darren W., Father

"We got our book today!!

We are so proud of you Tamara, and we LOVE Sunshine already!!

It's the sweetest book written by the sweetest woman!"

— Sienna G., Mother

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"I just opened the mail and was thrilled to see your book. I am speechless. I feel as if you have captured my childhood in every word. As I was reading each line I was taken back to my childhood and all the things my grandmother would say to comfort me. This book is a huge source of healing for me and I am going to cherish it. This book needs to be read in schools for every child who feels... (misunderstood) like we did. It is so spot on that it blows me away. I love the butterflies... I always tell my daughter that when you see one it is a loved one who has passed, showing us that they are still around. Thank you so much for this beautiful book and journey towards healing my heart. I cannot wait to buy the entire set. I will cherish my signed book... feeling blessed."

— Kristin M.S., Mother

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"I just finished reading your book and it touched me deeply. I felt the tears streaming down my face reading it, because this book is what I could have needed back when I was a child. It is amazing and I am so grateful for you sharing it with me. Thank you for making this world a better place for future generations!


What you are doing is wonderful! I can't wait until this book is available in different languages. I will definitely buy it for my niece and nephew!"

Anne-Kathrin W.,

Co-founder of

Hardcover and softcover open book promo.

"I'm so honored to have a book of my own!! I read it and I love it!! Great job! I'm glad you are making your dream come true!"


~ Robin H., Grandmother

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"I'm really excited about your book Mom! I am so proud of you working so hard to make your lifelong dreams come true."

— Jonah L., HSP & Business Relationship Coach


"I am SO excited to announce the publishing of my mom's first book, Sunshine and The Power of Words! My mom, Tamara, is a highly sensitive person and empath.

Even though we didn't know the words for those terms at the time, my mom always understood and supported the emotional and sensitive parts of me. Growing up with her by my side was incredibly helpful for me to be able to

navigate my childhood and adolescence. Anytime I had a

strong feeling or experience, she never made me feel as though what I was going through was minimal or invalid. She always listened

and loved me for who I am.

When my mother was a child, she began dreaming up a character named Sunshine. A little highly sensitive girl with hair as bright

as the sun, whose heart was incredibly full of love and wisdom that she wanted to share with the world. For 50 years, this

character and her stories have

lived inside my mom's heart, patiently waiting for when they could finally come out. Now I am proud to say that her Sunshine 

has become a reality."

— Tiara A., HSP Life Coach

& Empath

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Tamara S. Graham is a creative writer with a passion for children, animals and emotional intelligence. She has created a heartwarming children’s book series called The Sunshine Books. It is a series of nine picture books for the highly sensitive old souls that sometimes have trouble fitting in. It has been her lifelong dream to offer advice, comfort and understanding through compassionate, spiritual family stories. She is a highly sensitive person herself who has raised 2 highly sensitive children.

Through her own life experience and spirituality, she has acquired the wisdom to support other highly sensitive families in their journey to thrive. Tamara has been an editor for a parenting magazine and has almost 35 years of parenting experience.

She has published articles in print and writes her own blog about mid-life musings from her cozy home in Mt. Shasta, California.

To find out more about her current and upcoming books, please visit her website 

where you can sign up for email updates to receive information on her next book launch!

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