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About Tami

I was born in California, near L.A. but grew up in the Chicago suburbs. I have lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ashland, Oregon and now Mount Shasta, California. I needed to follow my heart and soul to be around like minded people who appreciate the arts and spirituality. I am grateful to be around such beauty daily and it shows in my work.

I have been a Creative Writer all of my life and I have a strong passion to write for the children. Allow your inner child to have fun discovering fun areas of my website! I hope you enjoy my heartfelt words from many decades of my life.

My published articles for North State Parent magazine can be viewed below! Or at

I am also a Quilt Artist and my quilting work can be viewed at PeacePillows.Us

I am currently writing a series of children’s books on how energy affects the sensitive child. Between 33+ years of parenting and extensively studying Reiki, Feng Shui and the LifeLine Technique, I have much to share! Stay tuned

I am building a parenting website for support with parenting highly sensitive children and/or parenting when you are an HSP yourself. Launching soon:

I have a loving and compassionate life partner and together Bill and I have two grown children, one teenager, and many mischievous, entertaining cats.  


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My Published Articles

It is because of my children that I am who I am today. They have been beautiful mirrors of my potential, and my weaknesses.... showing me who I am, and inspiring me to be the best ME I can be. They have taught me more than life itself has. It may not happen for everyone - but I learned what my triggers were, in a way that I began to choose NOT to be triggered... and also to see myself through the eyes of my children, and my inner child...  Always trying to be conscious of the reality of unconditional love. They have shown me how to love with my whole heart, and to heal those parts that I was not sharing.... stepping up to what they needed, and of course exactly what I needed. I feel that I have had past lives with them, and am so honored they CHOSE to dance with me again. Wise young (and old) souls that I am still in awe of, loving every easy and tough moment. I cannot describe the love they have shown me, and taught me. It is a bond like no other, and honestly the intensity is not understood by all. I knew from my own childhood that my most important role in this life was going to be being a mother... not for my own fulfillment, but for my spiritual growth, and to raise my vibration to be more of the soul, not the human. I cherish my grown children, Tiara 28, and Jonah 33. I hope to someday be honored to be called grandma and apply all of that wonderful wisdom and unconditional love on another generation of absolutely gorgeous souls with such big hearts. My children have taught me to be ME, and awake and alive. They have taught me to love with every cell of my body, and feel every emotion.... and helped me evolve. They are my higher education, my rocks, my sages, my soul food, and such a gift to the world. Just by being them - human, yet wise beyond this universe. It is very hard not to live near them, but I gave them roots and wings, and they filled my heart so I can feel them close by always! ~  Infinite Love & Gratitude