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Sunshine and The Power of Words by Tamara S Graham
Tamara S. Graham is a creative writer with a passion for children, animals and emotional intelligence. She has created a heartwarming children’s book series called
The Sunshine Books.
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My Experience

2016 - 2017

Interim Editor

North State Parent magazine

  • Collaborate on monthly topics, content and layout design

  • Seek out and hire writers, following through on offers and contacts for interviews.

  • Edit freelance writers submissions

  • Complete all tasks efficiently with very strict deadlines

  • Support publisher with design and photography

  • Proofread editorial, advertisements and extensive community calendar

  • Write themed articles and monthly Dear Readers column


Mount Shasta, CA

My Education

Institute of Children's Literature
Hay House Writer's Workshop
Compassionate Communication
The LifeLine Technique
Feng Shui, Reiki   
& Space Clearing
Publishing A Children's Book workshop
Art Classes, Photography, Photoshop & Quilting
33+ years of parenting
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