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A Very Maileg Christmas

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Once upon a time I discovered the joy of a Maileg brand Christmas!

I had started collecting the adorable Danish designed toys in March of 2021 so I had not experienced a Christmas with Maileg in my life yet. Wow! Not only was it fun to witness the building excitement for the holiday products, but I discovered so much more was available to the UK than we would get in the US. I am part of many international Facebook groups for Maileg collectors and so I began to see fascinating, intriguing, charming holiday ornaments, pixies and Santas in so many posts. I fell deeper in love with my beloved Maileg and was excited for a magical Christmas.

I bought a few ornaments and was willing to pay the extra $ for international shipping. This only made me want more! This is the exact style of Christmas decor I had always wanted. I had so much fun decorating and getting inspired by social media posts. With my Christmas bonus from work, I was able to order more and get my first beloved Christmas mice. I had so much fun browsing the Denmark shops online for more rare items, and often woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what I wanted next.

This led to the discovery of a Maileg Santa from 2019 which happened to look just like a Santa I remembered having from childhood! It brought back such great memories of sleeping with it on Christmas Eve while I waited for the real Santa to come.

It was also special since 2019 was the "before" times - before Covid had changed all of our lives. That year was also special because it was the last holiday I had spent with my grown daughter before it wasn't safe to travel any longer. I just adore my Santa!

I had a fabulous time setting up Christmas scenes and playing with my new Maileg sleigh and Christmas mice. Luckily we had gotten a huge snow storm AFTER all my packages had arrived! And it made for a sweet snow scene for my new holiday friends that were quickly turning into cherished family members. Ho, ho, ho, home is where my fun was!

I became quite attached to my first Maileg Christmas mice couple and took them on a raod trip to Berkeley, California for a little last minute holiday shopping. It gave us an outdoor adventure in milder temperatures. They seemed to enjoy themselves at the AirBnb, charming stone coffee shop and little park nearby. Oh what fun we had!

My Tree of Life

I have a unique art piece that I received years ago and it's one of my all-time favorite gifts. It is a tree sculpture made out of antique typewriter parts set into an old window frame. I have always loved to decorate it seasonally, but now I play with it even more often creating sweet Maileg scenes. I started off minimally for Christmas, and went a bit overboard as I kept buying more ornaments since I didn't have a real Christmas tree in this small house. I have left it decorated still at the end of January since I adore every bit of it.

Beauty and Charm

About this time I had also become obsessed with all of the gorgeous Maileg wrapping paper and began to collect those rolls too. I would have the most charming gifts to present to my loved ones this year! The old world charm of all things Maileg really speaks to the old fashioned soul that I am.

I also had a great time creating social media posts and decorating my dollhouse bookcase for all species to enjoy a cozy holiday! Thanks to some overtime pay and Covid relief/stimulus checks, Christmas 2021 allowed me to gift some very special, beautifully wrapped toys which is my most favorite thing to do. And I also spoiled my inner child for perhaps the first time ever!

Even my cat joined into my dollhouse enthusiasm and would often bring her own toy catnip mouse over and leave it at the front of the dollhouse. She was curious when I decorated for Christmas and peeked in at the end of this video. She notices everything that is new and when I change displays.

Big Hygge in a Small House

I had always loved the Scandinavian design style of the furniture in my early adult life, but I only recently learned of and admired the Hygge lifestyle through posts on social media. Now that I found myself completely enchanted by these Maileg Danish designed, old world charm toys, I of course wanted everything in miniature now. I set out to create a mini Hygge life for my small 500 square foot rental home. I had moved into this small house as a transition to see if I could eventually downsize further and live in my dream tiny house someday. I now knew what style I wanted, a Hygge tiny home chock full with my Maileg collection! Can you imagine it? A small, well organized little world of Maileg that I could actually live inside! I need to manifest that one. Although I kind of live like that now. Lol

Follow this Maileg Mom blog for more of her musings about mice and all things Maileg.

Tami is a creative writer with a passion for children, animals and emotional intelligence. Being a mother has been her hardest and most rewarding job since her unique and sensitive children have been her greatest inspiration and teachers. She is currently writing a series of children’s books called The Sunshine Books which are about a young girl named Sunshine who is an old soul with a big heart.

Tami is busy creating more content and you can also find Maileg Mom on Instagram and YouTube channel.

{Copyright 2021-2022 - All photos are the property of Tamara S. Graham unless noted otherwise}

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12 de abr. de 2022

Hi ! I follow you on IG & have just looked at your blog - love your pictures they beautiful!! & the metal frame you use to do photos is very lovely & the scenes look so good ! 👍🏻 And what a lovely sentimental piece to use to display your Maileg collection!!! I am in Uk near London - I knew about Maileg some years ago as my daughters ‘pet’ or ‘nickname’ is Mouse!! Due to always finding little nibbles out of various bits of food in the fridge !! Apparently she was ‘trying‘ before ‘buying’ !! 😂😂😂

I bought her a big sister mouse in a matchbox bed when she left home it’s been her little mascot for…

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