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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

How often do you find yourself somewhere and wonder, "How did I get here?" Was it by chance or some divine plan? I have moved 15 times in my 57 years. Some of those moves were my own choice, but most were situations where I found it necessary to move on.

The common thread is that I was exactly where I needed to be to either meet someone important in my life, or to experience the trials and tribulations that have made me who I am. Tough stuff to realize, but I think it's very important to look at life with gratitude, even if we don't understand it.

Moving so many times has also given me the experience and knowledge that I will do what I need to and all will be well. Even if it doesn't feel well at the moment, there is usually a lesson or another piece of my heart that needs something new.

Change isn't easy, but it is the essence of life.

I think the hardest part for me as a mom, is not being able to stay in close proximity to both or either of my grown children. I never considered that they would be so open to move around the country, although it is a trait I admire deeply. I am proud of their strong spirits and ability to follow their hearts. I hope I have given that as an example in my own life. I think I gave them roots and wings without realizing just how far they might fly!

As a mom that loves that role, I would never hold them back. It is hard to not have daily contact or be able to financially step in to help when they are struggling, but they have to learn their own life lessons. Watching from a distance as their higher selves make decisions and their spirits soar, it is very inspiring. My children came here as old souls already knowing so much and wanting so much to unfold quicker than most. I watch as their impatience to fulfill what they came here to do is just the inspiration and drive they needed to make it happen.

They both have unique gifts and I admire their strengths in pursuing them. As I watch their lives unfold in untraditional ways, it gives me more motivation to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing children's books. I feel the call stronger than ever to put my heart out there and offer my soul's gift to other energetically sensitive and emotionally mature children that need someone to see them and hear them.

We all deserve to be "seen" no matter what age. I feel that very strongly. Little souls have the same needs as big souls - actually the point is that all souls are souls, no size or color separates us. Just because a soul comes in a young package does not minimize their need for love, understanding, affection, respect and compassion.

This is my passion. This is my gift. My words, my love and my compassion will come through as I write and I must get my hearts desire into print. It is time I bloom where I am planted! My heart has bloomed and I will need to plant my seed in the stories I create for children and families everywhere. Stay tuned! I am grateful for this platform to begin my journey...

Tami is grateful for all of her Highly Sensitive Person traits because they have made her who she is today: an optimistic, nurturing soul, full of great compassion. Being a mother has been her hardest and most rewarding job since her unique and sensitive children have been her greatest inspiration and teachers. She is currently writing a series of children’s books for HSP families, The Sunshine Books. Follow this blog for more of her heartfelt ponderings about life and love as she continues writing from her heart.

{Copyright 2019 - 2021 - Most photos are the property of Tamara S. Graham unless noted otherwise}

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