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Politics - oh how my views have changed!

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When it comes to politics, my whole life I never thought one person could make a difference. I didn't want to invest the time I thought it would take to be educated and make informed decisions. My philosophy was that an uneducated vote was worse than not voting.... fast forward to climate change and an Inconvenient Truth. I began to get involved and quickly learned that my vote may not have the weight I had hoped it would. I believed in the work Al Gore was doing. I voted for him. He lost, in my opinion, to a corrupt voting system.

I was later thrilled to have voted for Barack Obama and he won! A piece of U.S. history that I was more than thrilled, and very emotional, to have been a part of. Then I again became complacent and knew the country was in good hands and I didn't invest any more time into the details. I have never identified with a political party, and don't believe anyone fits in a particular "box". I have always been a round peg and could never fit in those square holes. Or perhaps I am a square and not fitting into the common round?

I was disappointed that Obama could not serve another term, and began to get involved again. I voted for Hillary, not that she was the best choice, but the better choice for president. I am so ready for a female president. I NEVER expected that enough people would vote for Trump and was absolutely shocked that he is who we ended up with. Popular vote should mean more than it does! I am still shaking my head in 2019 at the fallout of that 2016 election and all the factors that gave us such a dishonest person in charge of so much.

World political climate has reared it's ugly head to have interfered with our U.S. choices and voting system. What can one person do? This was always my question. With president Trump I see what one person can do, and it isn't pretty! But if each of us, ourselves, became the honest, caring person with integrity that we want to be our president, the world would be a different place! There would, could, should be a collective shift.

We are all connected.

What one of us does - actually happens to all of us.

We are each a spark of the divine and therefore connected in a deep & profound way.

In the same way that a twin feels what their exact DNA counterpart feels across the country, we FEEL what everyone else does in our soul. As a highly sensitive person - that is magnified - but every spirit on this Earth is connected by a fine thread - like sparkles on a string of holiday lights.

We are - collectively - an energetic World Wide Web.

We are living in a world that not only tolerates bullying and lying but it often gets rewarded - even at the highest level - becoming the president of the US! Bullying in schools and the “not getting involved because it isn’t any of my business” mentality has not worked. We can’t look away when someone is hurting others, or getting hurt, any longer. We can clearly see what it’s doing to our society and mental health as a community.

That old saying that parents use to teach (pressure) kids to NOT be swayed by peer pressure has a whole new meaning to me:

“.....Well if your friend jumped off a cliff - would you?”

Imagine and know that every living soul is connected. We are all tethered together in a way that if one person DOES jump off a cliff on the other side of the world, it would pull the whole chain of beings with him. Even the person that is the farthest away would feel a tiny tug on some level. Now you may not understand what that feeling is if you don’t see the big picture. It just manifests as an annoyance that you shrug off and keep going through your day. As our society becomes more and more selfish and reactive, we feel (on an energetic level) more and more little tugs and irritations. It gets to the point that we can become angry and depressed and we don’t understand why.

We are seeing what bullying in schools can lead to. We now have a political climate that if we want our own president to affect change we need to ask a Russian bully to put pressure on him? Or worse, ask a Chinese bully to counteract and be the biggest bully in this War Of Dominance that we are in.

We, as a society, have been behaving in a way that we think what we do only affects us individually. Some feel they need to plow over anyone that gets in their way to get to the fame/fortune that they think they are entitled to. But if we understood that we are actually stomping on a reflection of ourselves, we would know that once we reach the top we have tattooed our very own footprints onto our soul.

Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) are here to teach the world by example that if you get cut - we ALL bleed. Or worse, if you cut someone else, YOU yourself will bleed - karmically. It’s catching up to us a society.

We need to teach the child who bullies at school and kicks a kid on the playground that he may go home to find his loved one may be hurt in the same way/area that he hurt that schoolmate. Physical or emotional pain could be felt at the exact time of his bullying.




IMAGINE how powerful that would be!

Tami's things to think about:

Examples in nature of a collective unexplained "knowledge" and this world wide web

Birds know how to find their way back to a specific geographical area.

Some mothers knows when their child is hurt or in an accident, even far away.

Someone else cries but you feel that sadness/pain and it makes you cry too.

Anger is an irritant and it's fumes linger.

Yawning is contagious.

Laughing is infectious.

Smiling causes a chain reaction.

Joy bubbles up and bubbles on if you allow it.

Pride beams and other's feel it.

Love exudes and flows far and wide.

Tami is grateful for all of her Highly Sensitive Person traits because they have made her who she is today: an optimistic, nurturing soul, full of great compassion. Being a mother has been her hardest and most rewarding job since her unique and sensitive children have been her greatest inspiration and teachers. She is currently writing a series of children’s books for HSP families. Follow the links in this blog for more of her heartfelt ponderings about highly sensitive people. Or sign-up above for her weekly emails as she continues writing for you.

{Copyright 2019 - 2021 - Most photos are the property of Tamara S. Graham unless noted otherwise}

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