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My Maileg Story Begins With a Story

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Once upon a time in March of 2021...

it all started with an adorable miniature suitcase!

Most Maileg collector's can tell you exactly how they got introduced to the wonderful world of Maileg toys. The stories are as unique as the collectors. Their love at first sight enchantments range from newborn to 99. I am an adult Maileg mouse-aholic, who began collecting at age 58, with grown children and no grandchildren (yet!). If you do not know what Maileg is, hold on to your hat because your life will not be the same once you discover this company's endearing, classic, imaginative toys. (More about the company at the end... if I tell you too much now you will jump to their website and I will forever lose your attention, Lol!)

Funny thing is that my Maileg story is MY story! Let me explain:

In January, 2021, I published my first children's book and at that time I had been obsessed with handmade needle felted mice, but they were very expensive. So, I told myself to celebrate the first book launch I would buy ONE special felted mouse that I found from a creator in the UK. Once this little feltie that I named Chester got here, I was suddenly inspired to try to make stop motion videos.

My creative wheels were turning and I realized this could be a unique way to promote my new book. I made a few silly first attempts and then discovered it would soon be International Children's Book Day. I decided to attempt to create a really cute stop motion video to celebrate International Children's Book Day and the launch of my book internationally on Amazon.

But as I imagined this new video, I realized that I needed a miniature suitcase so I Googled it and voila! I found the Danish toy company called Maileg that had many adorable options. I began to browse and see that they had beautiful, charming mice and I was intrigued. Since I was ordering the suitcase, I thought why not buy ONE little girl mouse and she can be like a "mail order bride" for my Chester feltie mouse! Lol

Lo and behold, once I met her and held her it was love at first sight! I was hooked and fell down the rabbit hole - well mouse hole in this case! I could say the rest is history but it gets way better!

I went on to create the stop motion video using the Maileg suitcase and had a blast doing it. It was the perfect find and made the video very popular!

Of course I soon needed more Maileg mice! I went back to the MailegUSA website and discovered there was a chef mouse! Well, I can tell you that my joyful squeal startled my cat! Lol. The second book in my Sunshine book series is all about a chef, so naturally, I had to have him! (The main characters in my book series are not mice, but there is a little mouse in each book hidden in the scenes for the kids to find as a secondary fun activity)

At this point, I was smitten with all things Maileg! I hadn't felt this kind of joy in years, and I had to have more, and more and more! Because of Maileg I have discovered I absolutely adore photographing cute little scenes and creating videos. I’m very grateful and quite obsessed. I joined a number of Facebook groups for other Maileg mice lovers where I posted my thoughts and images weekly. It was through these groups that I realized there were adult collectors and many were decades long aficionados. I saw some retired mice that I began to search for.

As I was busy collecting and enjoying, I found a few FB contests for photographs in these groups and entered a few of them. I won one contest for the honor of using my photo (middle below) for the group cover photo, plus a store gift certificate! It was great fun and just added to my obsession.

I began to see through the eyes of mice! I went to thrift stores and the dollar stores and gathered mini things from all over my house and began to nest. I had a set of stacking boxes for years that I had considered donating many times, but was now very happy that I hadn't. I realized that if I turned them on their sides, I could create rooms and stack them to make a unique home for my mice! I loved the old fashioned look and used it for the grandparents house.

After only 5 months of collecting I had 34 mice, 4 Gingers, 3 bunny rabbits, 2 hedgehogs, 1 hippo, 1 cat, 1 elephant, 1 lion and was well on my way to needing a dollhouse. My inner child began to yearn again for the elusive dollhouse I never got as a little girl. I decided it was time and for my 59th birthday I got my very first dollhouse, the bookcase style.

I continued to capture photos and videos and learned more about lighting and product photography. This was a hobby I was sinking my teeth into, and I was often frustrated that I had a different day job. All I wanted to do was play with, photograph and post on social media about my Maileg collection.

When I was away from home, I missed the Maileg family and often took videos of my collection so I could document them in case of loss and still be able to see them while away. Here are a few of my treasured videos. You can find the others on my YouTube channel for The Sunshine Books. Stay tuned, I am currently building a new channel for Maileg Mom content. I am also working on a movie set for the mice to make a stop motion of creating miniature quilts for their beds!

I have much more to say about this love of Maileg so I will continue to blog and create more photos and videos. I can't get enough and I know I am not alone. I post photos in FB groups, on my author Instagram and now here. I kept wishing there was a place to showcase collector's videos all in one place so I am creating it s-l-o-w-l-y but surely! It's addictive in a good way!

Stay tuned!!

Maileg is a Danish design brand of children’s toys. It was established in Denmark in 1999 by Dorthe & Erik Mailil. Global Headquarters is located in Herning, Denmark. Maileg North America Inc. was established in 2008 by Hanne & Lars Andersen and Dorthe & Erik Mailil. Maileg’s story making collection has a unique, authentic look and touch created by designer Dorthe Mailil.

They make well-made, adorable, limited release toys that will become collectibles. Maileg toys are shared, cherished and played with by children of all ages, and handed down for generations. Maileg is pronounced like 'My Lie'. It's a hard one to guess right:)

Tami is a creative writer with a passion for children, animals and emotional intelligence. Being a mother has been her hardest and most rewarding job since her unique and sensitive children have been her greatest inspiration and teachers. She is currently writing a series of children’s books called The Sunshine Books which are about a young girl named Sunshine who is an old soul with a big heart. While the main characters in The Sunshine Book series are not mice, there is a little mouse in each book hidden in the scenes for the kids to find as a secondary fun activity. Book 1# has a boy mouse, and Book #2 will have a girl mouse that looks very much like her first Maileg mouse! Follow this Maileg Mom blog for more of her musings about mice and all things Maileg. She is busy creating more content and you can also find Maileg Mom on Instagram and YouTube channel.

{Copyright 2021-2022 - Most photos are the property of Tamara S. Graham unless noted otherwise}

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1 Comment

Jan 16, 2022

What a wonderful blog! You are a very delightful person and a great blogger! I enjoyed this so much. Bless you as you bring joy to so many! XX Lindy

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