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Updated: Feb 18, 2021

As a light in this world, you may have noticed you attract a bit of dark. As it should be - in the land of opposites and balance. Contrast can be quite intriguing and compelling. But as highly sensitive persons (HSP's) we especially need to learn the skills of protection and energetic clearings. These darker, heavier energies can really weigh us down. It's important to know that many sudden mood changes may not be your own emotions. You probably often feel something brewing, approaching your space, similar to the the clouds of a storm hinting that it's time to prepare. Uneasy anticipation sets in. We just know.

Our environmental feelers have a much larger net with which to catch someone else's emotional virus.

Sure enough, from around the corner approaches a person with an energetic dark cloud that feels much like the mess that Charles Schultz drew around "Pig Pen" from Charlie Brown's gang. That character was saddled with carrying this ball of debris everywhere he went. But, sometimes it's not quite that obvious. Energy can be subtle or it can be slap-you-in-the-face obvious. Your heart and intuition are your best tools of perception. It requires getting out of your head, and feeling with your body. HSP's have these skills down, whether they are acutely aware of them or not.

Have you ever visited with someone who was really angry or down, and then brought that mood home? I have often gotten feedback from my family that I returned from such a visit in a much different mood. You may feel like it's hard to shift some emotions or wonder why you are suddenly sad or irritable. I believe HSP's were born with an innate talent of compassion and it's a skill that requires some tools to manage.

I have extensively studied energy work, space clearing and personal energy cleansing and can offer you assistance in this area. Do not underestimate the power of clean energy and it's ability to support your right to thrive in a world that tests our survival. It is possible to reset your energy.

I believe there are 3 types of essential energetic cleansings; space, personal and emotional...


As part of the energetic rules of life, and common teachings in Feng Shui, the energy you surround yourself with has a direct effect on your personal well-being and ability to stay true to yourself. It's hard to work in an environment of discombobulated energy. Even in your work office you need to establish your own space and arrange as much as you can to support your specific energetic needs. Being your best, successful self is just as important in your home environment. If you feel like you are getting forgetful, clumsy, lethargic or unmotivated, energy could be affecting you. A simple clearing technique can restore your enthusiasm, and give you back your clear head as well as help you be 100% in your body.


There is an odd term in the energy healing community describing a type of person that feels like an "energy vampire" that can suck your energy and leave you confused, exhausted and blaming many factors that aren't really at fault. I feel like it's more that HSP's can be an energetic magnet. Many times this is someone else's energetic waste or discharge and not your own, although it can begin to feel like yours. We can pick up this waste everywhere we go and it needs to be cleaned away. You may or may not get a headache, lightheaded, feel nausea or suddenly you are craving chocolate and/or getting "hangry". Energy, both good and bad can affect you physically in different areas of your body. HPS's feel those effects magnified, so if you feel it in your stomach you may not be able to eat or perhaps the opposite where you cannot get enough food to calm it's residual, buzzing energy. Getting headaches and lightheadedness is common when you need to get grounded. Chocolate can be very grounding and get you back into your body when you feel a bit scattered or overwhelmed energetically. Also, electrolytes are crucial for HSP's due to their mineral content and hydrating qualities. There seems to be a high number of sensitive people who burn through electrolytes when around other people and electronics. Perhaps these minerals protect us in many situations. Therefore, we need to replenish them often with good quality products that don't have any added sugars or dyes.


You may have felt the energy in a room after an argument and gotten chills up and down your spine, felt like you wanted to throw up, or perhaps even felt literally repelled from entering it. This is due to the energetic waste left behind from insincere people or intense emotional outbursts, and it can leave a kind of infectious sadness or depression lingering in the room waiting for a place to land. HSP's are often like sponges or mirrors and can take on those emotions that are floating around like clouds that aren't well contained and could rain on you at any moment. This is an essential awareness that may need daily cleansing like your teeth, practicing good energetic hygiene. Emotional awareness and emotional intelligence are both under appreciated in our society, and HSP's are very tuned-in barometers that should be revered and honored.

Things to remember:

  • Dark is attracted to the light, requiring personal energetic boundaries

  • Love repels darkness, choose love over fear

  • Eating a high vibe diet keeps your energy clean

  • Positive thoughts create an energetic shield

  • Grounding is crucial to keep you and your energy in your body

  • Salt baths are great at washing away stagnant or darker energy

  • Nature bathing is essential to your well being - get outside and find some trees and breathe deeply

  • Sneezing releases energetic build-up, along with physical irritants

  • Yawning can bring more oxygen to your brain, helping your body calm down

  • A cat's purr while touching your body resets your energy and clears you with their specific type of vibrational therapy

  • Indoor negative ions (air cleaner/indoor plants/water features (that are cleaned often) help your lungs and clear your brain

  • Black tourmaline is a stone that has energetic cleansing properties and offers protection from strong electronics (hold them in your hands or place some between you and your device)

  • Sounds can be utilized to clear; laughter, clapping, drumming, singing bowl, "ohm" chanting, clearing cd's (my favorites Etheric Enhancement & Holy Harmony)

  • Reiki symbols are often used for clearing

  • Feng Shui principles give you a tool box of energy education

  • Love sign in American Sign Language is a powerful healer

  • Protection hand mudra (my version is putting your thumb between fingers in closed fist)

  • Breaking something, intentional or accidental can send shock waves that interrupt energy

  • Invocation of spiritual boundaries, affirmations or setting a daily intention

  • Incense/Smudge with whatever scent you enjoy - owning your space

Everyone is different and depending on where your sensitivity gauge is at any given moment, you can choose from the ideas above that cause the least distress, and offer the biggest reward.

I even included a bit about the clouds of emotion that can stick to you in my new children's book, Sunshine and The Power of Words, where I help kids to feel empowered knowing that sometime's those big feelings are not their own!

Feel free to message me if you want more information or need help with any of these.

Tamara "Tami" Graham is a Mystical Feng Shui consultant, Reiki Master Teacher and HSP who has studied many schools of Feng Shui and different types of energy and space healing. She has a life time of experience with energetic cues and knows what works and applies it to unique situations. She is also a "medium" that connects to the living and non-living things that affect our daily lives. Tami has raised two HSP children and is currently writing a series of children's books about and for the energy sensitive children and their families. Book #1 is available now!

{Copyright 2019 - 2021 - Most photos are the property of Tamara S. Graham unless noted otherwise}

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